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What are moving averages? Trading guide for moving averages which include EMA, SMA, LWMA, HMA, TMA, SMMA, AMA, DEMA, TMA and more on price forms including OHLC. We will cover all the different types of moving averages along with their usefulness, shifts, and averaging periods. This guide answers the common question many traders ask themselves; which MA should I use?


High probability reversals trading strategy for Forex, equities and commodities. Utilising volume divergence and cyclical trend analysis. It is unwise to assume that any given system can predict future movements within financial markets – but by combining informed decision making and strict risk management, it is possible to trade with an edge and generate consistent alpha. In this article we will discuss a highly effective reversals trading strategy which has been vetted for a variety of markets, inclusive of forex, equities and commodities.