Dynamic Trend Duo Expert Advisor

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Product Description

What is Trend Trading?

The alphaheim Dynamic Trend Duo (DTD) is a fully automated trend trading expert advisor (EA) based upon two proprietary price action determinants. The first metric inspects the behaviour of the trend depth and assigns one of three biases, namely, bullish, bearish or ranging. The second metric determines the trend based upon recent close prices relative to specific highs and lows. The EA allows initial trade triggers to be determined by a single metric, with a confirmation of the alternate metric, with the order of precedence interchangeable.

Our trend trading EA grows the account utilising dynamic risk management, with a strong factoring of current market volatility. The EA will inspect the reading of the ATR and set the initial trading lot size accordingly.

There are no stop losses used within this EA, but can be set manually if desired. The ideal utilisation allures to allowing multiple trades, and lowering the target price level, in the case of an incorrect signal. This means that when the maximum number of trades is set to higher than 1, there will be an omni-directional grid forming. The target for the grid will be based on the average buying price plus the user defined target (in pips). For our US clients, we have added functionality to allow for FIFO compliant trading.

For a detailed overview of how the trend Expert Advisor works & how to set various inputs for trading, please visit our wiki page.


The DTD EA can be utilised to achieve significantly high returns, but comes with an equally high risk.
Please proceed with caution when utilising settings with high risk possibilities, or reduce the risk by lowering the expected returns.


Myfxbook Tracker for the Dynamic Trend Duo EA

Dynamic Trend Duo Expert Advisor

Dynamic Trend Duo Expert Advisor


Swift Optimisation on MetaTrader 4 & 5

We have created the EA with easy optimisation in mind. With typical EAs, each timeframe must be optimised individually, which can elongate the testing process.
With our trend trading EA, a single optimisation can test every single timeframe for the two underlying indicators (Trend Depth and Price Action Trend Shackle). This will allow you to utilise all 21 timeframes available within MetaTrader 5 within a single optimisation.


What’s Included with the Trend Trading EA?

Indicators for MetaTrader and Expert Advisors for MetaTrader and EAs for MetaTrader for Forex  Dynamic Trend Duo Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5

Indicators for MetaTrader and Expert Advisors for MetaTrader and EAs for MetaTrader for Forex  Comprehensive user guide on indicator usage and possible trading implementation

Indicators for MetaTrader and Expert Advisors for MetaTrader and EAs for MetaTrader for Forex  Full UK based support via live chat, email or phone


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